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About us

The Quiring way

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We build solutions that build relationships

Quiring believes in a client-first approach to business. When we start a project with you, it’s beyond just a building: we build relationships with our business partners for life. Our wide-ranging commercial portfolio offerings makes it easy to keep choosing Quiring. Medical, retail, senior living, multi-family, and mixed-used commercial projects? We do it all.

Our reputation as a leading builder in California stems from two sources: deep local roots and deep beliefs in people. Ben Quiring established the firm in 1947. He believed people were his greatest projects. Today, a passionate leadership team carries those values to the present. With more than 70 years of expertise and strong relationships, we’re inclined to believe that the Quiring Way is the best way.

Filium morte multavit si sine causa

Build what matters

The Quiring Experience

We try and remove departmental silos that can exist in the construction industry. We align with our partners and clients to create a shared goal and work across departments to deliver quality and value beyond expectations. Our goal is to inspire trust at every turn and we do this by being process driven and hungry for transparency.

'We want to be predictable in an unpredictable business'

Building The Quiring Way


From the first time you meet with our project team to the day the project is delivered, you will always know what's happening. The magic of what happens between the start and finish of a Quiring project is how our teams work together behind the scenes. We believe whether you work in pre-construction, bidding, or construction management you can contribute to the project at any time. Remember, we really believe we have talented people on our team, and we empower them to contribute ANYWHERE they can.


Many say talking about money is one of the hardest things to do. It just so happens we are pretty good at it. You might say we are an open book. We take many measures to provide the most value to our customers, and one of the largest is an open bidding process and constant dialogue around cos.


Communication is the key to any successful project. At Quiring, we have created a formula for success on a project. For the life of any project we do we deliver weekly reports with things like timelines, safety updates, change order log, weather and progress photos. We keep the client and our entire team up-to-date so there's no surprises ever.


At closeout of the project we go through our long check list to make sure every details is completed as expected. Any last minute updates are made and we hold a post project meeting with the client to handoff. We even offer a 1 year warranty and will go back and fix anything that was missed in final inspection and / or failed in the first year. Heck, we will even send you a reminder a year later reminding you to take a look around. 

Our people

A family company

We help our clients, partners and community reach and exceed their goals. The reputation we have built starts with our thoughtfully crafted team.

Meet our people
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